These are some of the questions raised by our clients, hopefully our answers will put you at your ease

WILL I FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH YOU? I think being women photographers helps enormously, we want to take photographs, which you will treasure in years to come. We both wish we had had some professional photographs taken of ourselves when we had youth on our side! Having said that one of our best shoots celebrated a gorgeous 90 year old! We will do our utmost to make you feel happy and secure in front of the camera. With digital cameras we can show you the images we are taking– that way you can fine tune your preferences as we go.

CAN I BRING MY PARTNER? Of course! They don’t have to join in, but it’s always nice to have you both in some of the shots. If they can’t make it (or it’s a surprise), then mother, sister or a friend who can give you some moral support is always welcome. Children too – though they can be distracting if you’re looking for some sensual images of yourself. It all depends what you are looking for from your pictures.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? A plain white shirt, works great for both shoots, one that can be unbuttoned at the front, and allow a glimpse of skin beneath. A soft dress, which drapes around your figure works well, so does fine gauzy material. Some women stay fully clothed, others in boob tubes and a pair of matching boxer shorts, others draped in material… our session are totally relaxed, there’s no set plan, and you simply do what feels comfortable to you….

CAN I CHANGE CLOTHES DURING THE SHOOT? Yes to that one too. We have full changing facilities, and a studio wardrobe you can choose from. Wedding dresses, 1920’s frocks, pashminas and fabrics to drape yourself in, but do bring your own outfits too. Shoes are really important so try and bring at least one strappy pair!

CAN I HAVE MY PHOTOGRAPHS ON A DISC? Your chosen images will be provided on a complimentary CD (with a licence to print your own images for personal use). We just ask you to accredit www.photographybysmart.co.uk if you upload our work to any social networks.

ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS? This is an investment of both time and money, so a try and prepare of the day as you would a modelling assignment. A facial, manicure and pedicure is recommended! Eyes brows plucked the week before helps! Make sure your hair, clothes and shoes are clean, the camera is unforgiving in these areas… unless of course you are going for a grunge or gothic look!! Bring your own make up and accessories – jewellery, scarves, hats and bags – all can add to a spectacular image!

We research the internet and magazines for ideas, you can too! We can take instruction for a chosen style or image or offer our own suggestions if you need some inspiration. Either way we offer a relaxed environment and will quickly put you at your ease.

PREGNANCY: Do I have to reveal everything? Most certainly not! We approach a pregnancy shoot in the same way as we do our Glimpse of Stocking, aiming to create soft, sensual and flattering photographs.

When’s the best time for Pregnancy Portraits? We think 7 months is ideal, you are most definitely pregnant, but still be moving around with ease! But we can work round any dates to suit you.

BABIES: Everyone will tell you that they grow so fast, that time flies by quickly and to capture some images while they are small. If you want a particular style of photographs, research the internet for pictures you'd like to re-create.. For "Tracey Raver style photography", babies need to be photographed when they are very young - less than three weeks old… after that they become too aware…